• Jutta Dudley

4 Cornerstones of Effective Daily Time Management – Cornerstone 1

Time – we cannot own it, stop it, or control it – but we can make the most of it as it passes by. The one thing that Virtual Assistants are experts at is effective daily time management – and this is cornerstone number 1 of 4.

Make time for what is most important

You need to create a daily schedule (or diary) and stick to it, but what you include every day is what counts as you ‘block off’ sections of your schedule for the most important things.

Checking and responding to e-mails - (We go into detail on this in cornerstone 4) allow time for reviewing the day’s plans and responding to important e-mails before anything else.

Meeting time - This includes all forms of meetings, including brainstorming and training sessions.

Leisure time – Time for lunch and tea breaks. These are important so do not leave them out.

Work time – This is the most important and should occupy most of your working day. It sounds so simple, but you will be astonished how many people do not create these daily time slots and their days become chaotic.

You will also be surprised how many people have not discovered that all this can be done for you by a good Virtual Assistant like V-Assist – giving you more work time than ever before! Contact us to find out more and watch this space for cornerstone number 2.

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