• Jutta Dudley

4 Cornerstones of Effective Daily Time Management – E-mail Management

This month’s blog series is about managing time, a lot of time is wasted on dealing with e-mails. Here are seven steps to saving time through effective e-mail management.

1. Limit e-mail times to twice a day at specific times, unsubscribe from what you do not want to read.

2. Be selective – you don’t need to reply to every e-mail.

3. Create a stock reply for e-mails that can be replied to at a later date. Use this first, “I have received your email and will revert soon.”

4. Use the 80/20 principle. Usually, 20% of your mails yield 80% of what is important, so focus on answering those first. Have a ‘reply later’ folder to store others.

5. Do not even read anything that looks like social media or promotions – if necessary, put them in a ‘leisure time’ folder to be read after work.

6. Limit both reading and replying time to no more than a minute per e-mail unless it is necessary to give a detailed reply.

7. Get a great Virtual Assistant to handle them for you!

First prize is to let V-Assist handle all your mails efficiently and professionally for you, saving you time and money. Our motto is ‘It’s about time’ –and our aim is to save you as much of it as possible. Contact us to find out how our wide range of services can do exactly that!

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