• Jutta Dudley

4 Cornerstones of Effective Daily Time Management – Managing Meetings

We are looking at the 4 most crucial areas of time management. The first cornerstone was to diarise and block off the most important things in your day. One of these was the meeting time. Here we look at managing those meetings to maximise time.

This is done by asking 3 essential questions.

Virtual or mask to mask?

Right now face to face is out of the question, but some clients will need to see you in person. Decide if a meeting is necessary and if it needs to be live or virtual - as the latter saves both time and costs.

How long does it need to be?

The average meeting, unless it is a brainstorming session, should not be more than 30 minutes. If your client sets a longer meeting time, then only should you agree to more time.

Do you need to be there yourself?

Could someone else perhaps take this meeting for you? Have you ever considered that a well-briefed Virtual Assistant like V-Assist may well be able to achieve exactly what you would in the meeting?

We understand that ‘It’s about time’ –and we aim to save you as much as possible. Contact us to find out how our wide range of services can do exactly that!

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