• Jutta Dudley

4 Cornerstones of Effective Daily Time Management – ‘Me’ Time

This month’s blog series is about managing time and sadly one often overlooked aspect is ‘Me’ time - the time set aside for what’s important outside of the normal work schedule. Some examples of ‘Me’ time would be:

1. Creative ideas and brainstorming

Remember that every good business starts with a good idea. Always make time in any daily schedule to think about new products and services, look for inspirational sources – and develop a ‘Think Tank’ of people who meet to brainstorm regularly.

2. Gaining knowledge

You should never stop learning and this is achieved through making time to gain knowledge. Reading, seminars and talking with mentors are all good self-improvement methods. If you have the time you can register for online courses to keep your skills up to date and relevant in your industry.

3. Keeping healthy

We wrote about Breast Awareness and Prostate Awareness campaigns in October and November respectively, intending to stress the importance of maintaining your health. Without health, there is no business anyway so never shirk on making time for exercise and ensure that you always eat healthy meals that will sustain you throughout the day.

4. ‘Time out!’

The fastest way to damage your health is through refusing to take proper holidays because you fear that your business cannot function without you. V-Assist works right through the holiday season to do everything you need while you take a well-deserved rest from admin, CRM, accounts, payroll, issuing invoices and collecting on payments.

Contact us to discover you need never refuse to include that vitally important ‘me’ time – because we have got your back!

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