• Jutta Dudley

Get a good V.A to make minute taking magic

The accurate taking and documentation of minutes of a meeting, whether an all-day affair, a short brainstorming, or even a ‘one on one’ of importance, is vital in business. Thankfully many businesses have now come to the realisation that this is something that should be outsourced to a professional Virtual Assistant service.

If you’re one of the businesses still not outsourcing your minute taking, then here are a handful of very good reasons to convince you to get a good VA to make minute taking magic!


Asking unskilled employees to take notes in meetings may result in inaccuracy and disastrous outcomes. Some meetings set out detailed tasks and plans and accuracy is absolutely vital. Missing information on the documented minutes could lead to many misunderstandings between all parties involved.

Record keeping

What has been said, what has delegated and who is responsible all need to be recorded to make your meetings more effective?  People are more accountable when they know everything has been accurately recorded. V.A’s are experts at this.

Avoid distraction

Taking notes yourself is unprofessional, distracting to you and those you are in conference with and could rob you of the chance to be making a better contribution. You need to be listening intently and observing the facial expressions and body language of others. DIY minute taking could distract you from all of this.

Lack of clarity and loss

The making of audio recordings is a solution only for ad hoc, unplanned meetings and not ideal. Most phones or tablets can easily be used to make on the spot recordings, but clarity can be a problem and the possibility of losing it is always there. If you have had to resort to this, then a good Virtual Assistant will at least be able to do a transcription of the recording and create a set of minutes.

Objectivity and reliability

Outsourcing the recording of meetings to reliable Virtual Assistants means objectivity and attention to detail. We at V-Assist are used to tailoring our offering to our client’s needs while remaining totally objective.


The key asset of every Virtual Assistant company is versatility. At V-Assist we not only take and create a set of minutes of the meeting but are transcription experts and even translators who will write articles in German, Italian and French.

Contact us to find out about our huge range of services and find out first hand why you need to get a good VA to make minute taking magic!

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