• Jutta Dudley

Great Ideas to Create an Online Business - CV and Cover Letter Writing

The pandemic and ensuing lockdown prompted many people to seek online businesses they could start. This series gives you some great ideas to create an online business. Today we talk about CV and Cover letter writing…

This requires reasonable writing skill and some knowledge on the format of CVs and Cover letters. You can acquire this knowledge through various online courses and V-Assist could help to point you to these.

Here are a few important basic pointers….

The CV

The ‘Professional profile’ section of the CV is the summary of the Candidate’s aspirations, skills and achievements and is upfront and very professionally written - as this is the main section read by Recruiters and potential employers. The personal information will follow, a list of skills, education, and experience from current to earliest, and finally awards, accreditation and testimonials.

The Cover Letter

This is essentially the motivational letter which introduces the Candidate and explains to the employer why they are ideally suited for the advertised position.

You might favour just setting up, managing and selling someone else’s work – so remember that the V-Assist team are experts at CVs and Cover letter writing, among many other skills.

‘It’s about time’ we connected so Contact us for more advice and great ideas to create an online business - and keep safe!

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