• Jutta Dudley

Great Ideas to Create an Online Business - Fresh Produce Delivery

This series, following the consequences of the pandemic, gives you some great ideas to create an online business. Today we talk about Fresh produce delivery.

There are two aspects to this, online trading, and the actual delivery. It requires some marketing, business, and delivery skills. As with any new business, there are several requirements, but here are a few important basics you should know.


You will need to acquire some marketing skills, at least on your local social media platforms. Facebook and WhatsApp neighbourhood groups are good, but to get wider exposure, you might need assistance with SM marketing.

A website with Payment Portal

A good website offering your services and products listing is essential. This needs to be set up with some sort of payment portal to ensure payment is made before delivery. Professional website developers can help with this.

Delivery vehicles, Drivers and Compliance

You need reliable, economical delivery vehicles and drivers. Ensure you have all compliances such as Registration and Driver’s Licenses, as well as any necessary business compliance licenses.

Let us set you up and keep you running

V-Assist can handle, or source every aspect of setting up this business and handling all admin and operational services to keep you running smoothly.

‘It’s about time’ we connected, so Contact us for more advice and great ideas to create an online business - and keep safe!

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