• Jutta Dudley

Great ideas to create an online business – Transcription services

The pandemic and ensuing lockdown have prompted many to seek online businesses they can start. In this series, we will be giving you some great ideas to create an online business. Today we talk about Transcription services…

This is an easy to set up business in which you make contact with people (particularly legal services) who often require recorded meetings, or court sessions, to be transcribed to text.

It takes some time and is usually billed by the minute/page or audio hour. What is required is:

  • Typing and listening skills - It helps to be able to type quickly and efficiently

  • Accuracy – Accurate transcription of the actual conversation is imperative. Wherever the recording is too poor to be heard then this must be indicated in the text

  • Confidentiality - Invariably the content of the conversations will be confidential and you will in many cases be expected to sign a Confidentiality Agreement.

If you are the Entrepreneurial type that favours setting up, managing and selling someone else’s work – remember that V-Assist are experts at transcription services amongst many others.

Contact us for more advice and great ideas to create an online business and once you’re flying, let us be the wind beneath your wings. Work from home if you can and keep safe!

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