• Jutta Dudley

How do you write an Effective Elevator Speech?

A good elevator speech (or pitch) is one that immediately grabs attention and convinces someone you can help them. You need to be prepared with a good one because you never know when you will need it. So how do you write an effective elevator speech?

You need to cover a few critical areas in a short space of time – so think of the questions they would ask you:

Who are you? – As quickly as possible, say who you are and the name of your business.

What does your business do? – Without going into too much detail, summarise what your company does – your key services, or products.

How can you help me? – Decide if you are selling a dream (what people want) or a need (like medical aid) and pitch it to them as “We help people to…”

NB – Allow some time to answer questions – make sure you get their details and always follow up!

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