• Jutta Dudley

How V.As assist Start-up Businesses – Admin and Accounting

Throughout September, a month which signifies spring and new birth, we have been doing this mini-series on how V.As assist start-up businesses.

We have covered the initial set up of the business, IT and systems and marketing, but once you are set up the day to day is all about general admin and accounting.


It is not a good idea for anyone to start a business, unless they are Accountants themselves, without the assistance of professionals in this area. Being in business is about making money and the budgeting, assessment of profit and loss, tax and other financial compliances are essential.

A good Virtual Assistant can always point you to the right people - so you need only hire one outsourced business to cover all your outsourcing needs.

Administration experts

Administration, on the other hand, is something we cover entirely ourselves and we are experts at it. From handling your diary to your e-mails, your appointments to your spreadsheets and more, this is where V-Assist excel.

Our motto is “it’s about time” and throughout the growth of your new business we will be saving you time and money – and a whole lot of headaches – so talk to us and let us get your business started the right way - right from the start!

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