• Jutta Dudley

How VA’s assist SMEs Every Day

The word value starts with the letters VA – so this month our mini-series is on how VAs assist various types of businesses every day – always adding great value! SME’s, usually because of limited budgets and restricted size of the staff, can greatly benefit from the services of VAs.

A better alternative

VAs offer a better alternative to the headaches of hiring permanent staff. Instead of paying people who are not always busy, when they are sick, or on holiday, VAs are paid only for the specific service they provide and the time they have worked.

A huge range of services

Apart from handling every form of admin, they handle events, travel and things people often do not think of from completing application forms and submitting them for licenses, visas and passports - to handling UIF, bank accounts – and much more.

Marketing too

Every business needs effective marketing - a speciality of V-Assist. We cover many aspects like strategies for traditional and social media marketing campaigns, creating content like podcasts, articles, posts and videos – and much more.

‘It’s about time’

We know everything is about saving you time and money. We are adding value to and assisting SMEs every day, so contact us to find out more. Stay safe – and stay positive!

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