• Jutta Dudley

How VAs assist Start-up Businesses – IT and Systems

Now in spring as we sow new seeds, we thought this mini-series on how VAs assist start-up businesses would be helpful. This article looks at IT and systems.


We live in the digital age, and no start-up survives without effective IT in place and supported. Good Virtual Assistants appoint the right people for you, which is why you need only outsource V-Assist for all your set-up requirements.


A good CRM system best handles customer relations and communications. We set this up for you by entering your client Databases and setting up the workflow, or sales funnel, using the CRM.

It is an on-going step by step process - e.g.

Step 1: Load the prospective client

Step 2: 2 days later - send an automated emailer saying where you met them

Step 3: 2 days later - set reminder to call the client

Step 4: 2 days later - automated emailer thanks the client for taking your call and gives more info on what you do – etc.

Getting started in business is as simple as hiring the best VA for the job – V-Assist. Contact us first and be amazed at how our wide range of services and extensive network leaves you with nothing to work on - but your business!

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