• Jutta Dudley

How VAs Assist Start-up Businesses – Online Marketing

Spring is a time for sowing the seeds for a great future. Throughout September, we are looking at how VAs assist start-up businesses – and one vital aspect is online marketing.

Every new business needs to create an online presence and identity. This is achieved through firstly developing a website and business profile. Good Virtual Assistants source all the right people for you, so you need only outsource that VA to handle everything.

Advertising and Social Media Marketing

To establish your business, you have various marketing options – either through traditional advertising like TV, Radio, print etc. – or the cheaper and more commonly used medium is Social Media or Digital marketing.

SM marketing essentially consists of 3 steps –

  1. Creating a presence on specific platforms, i.e. LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube etc.

  2. Creating good content that engages with your target market

  3. Devising an overall marketing strategy - possibly combining organic (content) marketing with paid advertising like Facebook and Google ads etc.

We do it all

V-Assist, with years of experience in the real and virtual worlds, assist with every aspect of your marketing, from media management, content creation and Digital and Social Media marketing strategies.

Contact us to get your business up and flying from day one, handling every aspect of it - except the only thing you should be doing – working on your business!

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