• Jutta Dudley

How VAs assist Start-up Businesses – The Setup

Because it is Spring, traditionally a time for new beginnings, we are dedicating our articles this month to the many people who, following the pandemic, will be starting a new business. There are many ways that Virtual Assistants like V-Assist help start-up businesses and this article looks at step 1 – the setup

The times – they are a-changing

There are two distinctly new trends in start-up businesses now. One is that many are mainly conducted online, and at least administratively, operated from home.

The second is that most start-up businesses, at least until they have grown substantially, use mostly outsourced services. This mini-series follows the three essential steps taken to make a business work – and the specific services that are outsourced to execute them.

Step 1 - the setup

Usually, a business needs to be bought or registered as a new business, which requires legal services and depending on the service or products sold, it might look for business premises requiring commercial property agents.

One point of contact

V-Assist helps with the registration of documentation, seeking premises if required and all the basic admin needed for setting up. Whatever we don’t do ourselves we source for you, so you need only have one point of contact for all your outsourced services.

Contact us to learn more about our extensive range of services for start-ups and established businesses. Happy spring – and keep safe!

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