• Jutta Dudley

How Virtual Assistant’s assist Tradespeople every day

This month we focus on how Virtual Assistants help many businesses every day. Tradespeople, for example, often do not realise that an outsourced Virtual Assistant can be far more flexible, versatile, and valuable than several permanent office workers.

We can sum it up with three big ‘C’s


One of the biggest challenges for tradespeople like Plumbers, Electricians and Gardening services etc. is that there needs to be communication between them and their teams out on site. We facilitate this, ensuring that the right communications are made at the right time and all parties are constantly kept ‘in the loop.’


Your Virtual Assistants become like your control centre, so we ensure the right supplies have been ordered and are delivered on time to the sight, thereby ensuring there is rigid control over wasted expenditure and man-hours.

Calls and Admin

We are also administrative experts ensuring that customer relationships are maintained, invoices issued and collected, appointments made and reminders to attend meetings also communicated and followed up.

Time is money

‘It’s about time’ is V-Assist’s motto – saving all tradespeople time and money is our business. These are just a few ways Virtual Assistants assist tradespeople every day. Contact us today and find out that there are so many more!

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