• Jutta Dudley

How Virtual Assistants Assist Individuals Every Day

This month we have been talking about the many ways Virtual Assistants assist various types of businesses. We have covered SMEs, Tradespeople and the professions, like Lawyers and Medical practitioners, but we also assist private individuals like home industries and stay at home Mums, who have their hands full running a household and a family.

The home Executive

Stay at home Mums have less time than most people think to do administrative work like handling domestic workers employment documentation, UIF etc. - and family budgets. A good Virtual Assistant will do it all – and assist with all the administration or organisation that a Home Executive may need.

One man shows

Many private individuals running small enterprises from home find themselves swamped with administrative work and financial compliances - when they should be focussing on their writing, bookkeeping or whatever their one-man/woman business may be.

Outsource to save time, money – and headaches!

Outsourcing a good Virtual Assistant is their only sensible choice as hiring employees is costly and often even more headaches. We at V-Assist handle not only their admin, taxes and day to day running of the business but even their marketing and customer relations.

Contact us to find out about our extensive range of services and how V-Assist assist individuals every day! Stay positive – and safe.

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