• Jutta Dudley

How Virtual Assistants Assist The Professions Every Day

This month we are reviewing the many ways that Virtual Assistants add value to all forms of business. Many owners of professional services don’t realise that good Virtual Assistants are also specialists in their field. The legal and medical professions are a good case in point.

How we assist Professional services

Virtual Assistants add value to professions like legal and medical services by being an outsourced service that understands the intricacies of their businesses. For example, we assist medical people to liaise with the tripartite billing of the patient, medical aid and practitioner.

In legal practices, we offer transcription and legal documentation assistance etc. Obviously, in both cases we offer all forms of admin as well as obtaining, arranging for the signing of and storage of important documentation etc.

Organic marketing

Because the legal profession has so much great advice to impart to the layman - and the medical profession are restricted to the ways they can advertise, they often choose organic Social Media marketing as their preferred method of marketing.

This includes putting out podcasts, videos and of course many articles and social media posts on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. We at V-Assist handle every aspect of creating all of this content.

Specialists in professional services

Contact us to find out about our extensive range of services and how V-Assist assist the professions every day! Stay positive – and safe.

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