• Jutta Dudley

Jettison jet lag before that important meeting!

It was the only international flight you could get, and you have a meeting scheduled on the day that you reach your destination. Jet lag has got you, and you need to make your business meeting looking and feeling fresh. As Virtual Assistants, we help our clients find solutions to everything, so here are a few ways to jettison jet lag before that important meeting!

Preparation is key

Before leaving, prepare to handle the time zone change. If you are flying east, go to sleep a couple of hours earlier for a few days and the opposite if flying west. As you leave set your watch for the new time zone and adjust your sleep pattern on the plane accordingly.

Eat light and exercise

Heavy meals, sugar, alcohol and caffeine, are no -no’s and will have you feeling worse on arrival. Lots of water and light, protein-rich, meals combined with walking the aisles at regular intervals will give you a way better chance of being ‘bright-eyed and bushy-tailed’ for that meeting!

We are celebrating our 3rd birthday this month, so we thought we would give you something of value. We are attaching a few exercises from @TeresaDumain that you can do while flying to prevent joints.

Safe travels!!!

If you would like to know more about what services V-Assist offers and maybe find out how we can assist you in making your journey a bit easier by taking over the time-consuming tasks. Don’t hesitate to contact us

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