• Jutta Dudley

Spring is sprung – Evaluate and Examine your business

Spring is a beautiful time of year. The flowers are in bloom and popping up everywhere. The sun is shining and thawing us out. Babies are being born in the wild, and it just feels like a time of new beginnings!

If you’ve felt lately like your business is not going anywhere, perhaps our articles and blogs for this fabulous spring month will spring it right back into step. This blog is the first of two articles on resurrecting the business you initially created and believed in – so, now that spring is sprung – let’s start by evaluating an examining your business!

Where are you in your business?

Answer these questions and any you answer “no” to, say why you think this is. Are you making as much as you’d like to? Do you feel trapped doing stuff you don’t like? Is this the business you set out to create?

When people evaluate their business, they find it is either the way they are working or how the company is structured, that is problematic.

Be honest, are you working all the time on admin that keeps you away from focussing on marketing and growing the business? Are you top-heavy with staff and paying people for spending time off on holidays or sick leave? This needs to change!

Examine your products and services

Possibly the products or services you are selling, or the pricing of them are to blame. Perhaps you are servicing too many clients who pay too little for what you do or sell? Is it time to review, products, pricing, clientele or services?

Stop working in your business - start working on it

Our next article will give some solutions to how you can change your circumstances. One thing we can tell you right now though is that many small businesses fail purely through too few people taking on too much and cluttering their lives by working in their business instead of on it.

Talk to us

We at V-Assist can help you with this. We ‘sweat the small stuff’ while you focus on growing the great business you set out to build. Check our website for the full range of our services and contact us if you ever feel overwhelmed.

Spring is sprung - Let us help you examine, evaluate and ultimately entirely refresh your business!

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