• Jutta Dudley

Start 2020 with a plan – Growth

This is the final episode of our series on starting 2020 with a plan. This week we look at growth, which comes from applying the principles of the first three parts of the series.

Setting new goals

Set new goals aimed at growth, learning from the mistakes of the past. Don’t think of them as failures, but as lessons learned. Change direction and set a new course with both short and long term attainable goals.

Consistent, cost-effective, targeted marketing

Social media marketing and live networking are two excellent ways to build your brand effectively without breaking the bank. Join a networking organisation like world-renowned B.N.I for close contact ‘word of mouth’ marketing.

Create brand awareness through social media outsourcing social media experts who can advise on highly cost-effective ‘organic’ marketing aimed at the right target market.

Make outsourcing standard business practice

Save on time, unnecessary staff headaches and the sourcing of services, by outsourcing one central expert Virtual Assistant service like V-Assist. This could transform your business in 2020!

We are open throughout the festive season, so to begin to experience the freedom of using a great V.A, Contact us today and let us ‘hold the fort’ while you enjoy some time away – Happy Holidays!

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