• Jutta Dudley

Start 2020 with a plan – Learning

This is the third in our series on starting 2020 with a plan. This week we look at learning from past mistakes and gaining knowledge to take your business forward.

Learning from past mistakes

The first thing to do when setting goals for the future is to reflect on and learn from past mistakes. We need to take different approaches. Whatever has failed, or not met your expectations in 2019, needs to be reviewed and either eliminated or changed.

Knowledge is power

No matter what your business, life-long learning should be a part of your business plan. Those who rest on their laurels invariably find themselves being overtaken by someone who, through knowledge, has found an excellent way to build and grow their business. Take courses, attend seminars and read material from industry role models continuously.

Learn to outsource

Outsourcing essential services that weigh you down, financially or time-wise, to Virtual Assistants, is the way of the future. V-Assist has a full range of services, all aimed at making your life easier – and this could rejuvenate your business in 2020!

We are open throughout the festive season, so to begin to experience the freedom of using a great V.A, Contact us today and let us ‘hold the fort’ while you enjoy some time away – Happy Holidays!

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