• Jutta Dudley

Start 2020 with a plan – Marketing

We hope this series will help your business to get a kick start in 2020. This week we focus on that vitally important aspect of keeping your brand uppermost on people’s minds – Marketing.

Social media cannot be ignored

Traditional advertising has its place and always will have, but the fastest growing advertising medium is Social Media and particularly SM on mobile phones. It is also one of the cheapest places to advertise if you work on growing your ‘organic’ marketing space. This happens mostly through creating engaging content. Use it in 2020!

Christmas content

Right now in December, if you are retailing, use this time to get your products out there through video on Youtube, Facebook, photos and text on Instagram. These are the most popular ‘low cost’ formats for visual marketing.

Use the professionals

We at V-Assist cover every aspect of marketing from Social Media, to content creation and traditional marketing too - plus a myriad of other services to help you start 2020 with a plan!

We are open throughout the festive season. To begin to experience the freedom of using a great V.A., Contact us today and let us ‘hold the fort’ while you enjoy some time away – Happy Holidays!

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