• Jutta Dudley

Start 2020 with a plan – Outsourcing

In the twilight of 2019, we thought it appropriate to look toward the New Year - the dawn of a whole new decade! As accomplished Virtual Assistants, we believe like planners. Nothing comes together without an initial plan, and this plan needs to include whatever can improve your business in 2020.


Outsourcing is the first thing you can include in any plan; to make your business more efficient financially, productively and operationally. There is outsourcing on many levels but start by merely realising what is wasting your time. What is cluttering your business? What are your pain points?

Invariably these are taking on more than you can handle, lack of order because you don’t have the time to put things in order and staffing headaches, often leading to the financial burdens of sick leave and bonuses etc.

Virtual Assistants

Outsourcing is one of the most effective business solutions, and there is a massive trend towards utilising the services of Virtual Assistants. At V – Assist we eliminate all of the problems above, professionally and expertly – and you pay only for what you need.

To begin to experience the freedom of using a great V.A, Contact us today and let us ‘hold the fort’ while you enjoy your holiday!

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