• Jutta Dudley

The builder who unearthed a great treasure!

Bob the Builder, like many other tradespeople was housebound through the worst part of the pandemic. He had let some staff go and he just had to bite the bullet, so you can only imagine Bob’s relief when he could finally get out and break some ground!

Because of the backlog business was great, but overwhelming for Bob who had no office staff and was reluctant to hire permanent staff again. Fortunately, he had heard (whilst spending so much time online) that there were people known as Virtual Assistants that you could outsource to do only the work you needed doing.

They didn’t need an office and worked entirely online, handling Bob’s orders, the ordering and delivery of his materials, all his invoicing, daily diary and even following up on monies owed.

We know all the tricks of the trade!

Bob had chosen V-Assist, not just an experienced and highly professional business, but so versatile that they could easily run Bob’s business just exactly the way he wanted it done. He had unearthed a great treasure!

Our motto is ‘It’s about time’ and we save people like Bob plenty of it – allowing them to get on with building their business. Contact us to learn of our wide range of services and make sure you never get ‘buried’ in admin again!

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