• Jutta Dudley

The Carpenter who saw the wood from the trees

There’s an old saying that you ‘can’t see the wood for the trees,’ meaning that when there’s so much stuff going on in your life, you sometimes can’t distinguish what is right in front of you. Jacques the Carpenter felt like that. After a long period that he had not been able to work during the lockdown, his carpentry business was now booming.

He was facing a huge backlog, and the luxury he had experienced before of having just enough downtime to wade through some of his admin was gone. Jacques desperately needed assistance in this area, and fortunately, while he had spent hours online, he had learned about Virtual Assistants.

It’s about time – and time is money

He contacted V-Assist and found that it was not just admin; they could help him with either. They kept his diary, made his appointments, responded to e-mails and handled all his billing and collections. They also kept him in communication with his teams, ordered his materials and made sure that his whole operation ran seamlessly.

Contact us not only to see the wood from the trees but to apply the varnish too. Jacques loves his newfound freedom to make more money!

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