• Jutta Dudley

The Electrician who saw the light!

Eddie the Electrician had a successful business, but he had, like many other tradespeople, been restricted during the lockdown period to emergency call outs only. Fortunately, this resulted in a great influx of work as we moved into phase three.

Eddie was delighted, but at the same time perplexed. He had started working from home and didn’t want to hire office staff. He was getting totally swamped with admin and behind on ordering supplies, issuing invoices, compliance certificates - and in particular getting paid. The cash flow situation was dire.

It was a spark at first, then a flash of genius as Eddie remembered he had seen that there were people who could be outsourced to entirely run your office whilst you were out in the field – Virtual Assistants! Yes, Eddie had seen the light – and fortunately, he chose V-Assist who are so versatile they did run his entire office online!

Time is money

Our motto is ‘It’s about time’ and we saved Eddie plenty as we kept his calendar, handled his orders, issued invoices and even made sure he got paid! Contact us to ensure that there is light at the end of your tunnel.

As Eddie can tell you - for every negative there is a positive - so stay confident - and be safe out there!

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