• Jutta Dudley

The Plumber who got his head above water

When we were in full lockdown, many tradesmen felt the pinch, as they obviously couldn’t trade as normal. Bill the Plumber was no exception and could only attend to emergencies under strict conditions.

As we moved into easier phases Bill could work again but had another issue, with the huge backlog of work that came in he couldn’t keep his head above water! He could get to the jobs alright, but he simply didn’t have time to invoice people, deal with all the paperwork around safety issues, order safety equipment etc.

Simply put, Bill’s business was sailing but he was drowning in admin …and a few other things. Bill didn’t have time to look for permanent office staff as they weren’t always busy and he had had some bad experiences with labour issues too.

V-Assist to the rescue!

To his relief, he discovered V-Assist who handled all his admin issues and entirely ran his office. From keeping his diary to answering e-mails, issuing and collecting on invoices – to handling TERS and UIF for his crew through the lockdown period, and health and the safety procedures he required now – they did it all!

…and the best part - they only charged Bill for the specific work that was done and the hours worked. If your story sounds like Bill’s, contact us to get your head above water today - and be safe out there!

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