• Jutta Dudley

Tips on balancing your working life with family

I wrote an article at the beginning of the year that spoke about my own experience of trying to balance being a working Mum with family life. As a Virtual Assistant who is herself a working Mom, I can totally empathise with those I assist to get through their seemingly impossible days!

That article was entitled Are you an Octopus Mom? This article offers a few practical tips on how to make the most of family life in any spare time that you might have.

I would say this applies as much to working Dads as Mums, as the balance between work life and family is one that challenges us all. Here then are just a few tips on balancing your working life with family…

Try to be relaxed

Even if you are not when in the presence of your kids, try to be as relaxed as possible, giving them the impression that you are coping well with your situation. Remember that their time with you should be quality time, not a time of stress…

Eat together

You gotta eat – right? Even highly stressed families can make a point of sitting at a table to eat together at night after their working days. Sharing a meal has from time immemorial has been a symbol of socialising and joining together in companionship – make this a family tradition too!

Make special times

Following on from that, you need to make some times that are assigned to being with family and these need to be special times. Just as you should have a ‘Date night’ you’re your spouse on a regular basis, make a ‘fun night’ or ‘play day’ for the whole family. Take in a movie or play games. Make it fun – and regular.

Get help

If you’re trying to run your own business and keep all the balls in the air, like the ‘Octopus Mom’, it’s best to just get the help of a good, versatile Virtual Assistant service like V-Assist, so that you actually can have a life.

Contact us to find out how, at very reasonable rates, we can help you with a wide range of business services. We even run personal errands to allow you to make a success of your business, whilst at the same time, you actually do balance your working life with family!

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