• Jutta Dudley

Useful ways V.As can help you build your Online Business - Social Media platforms and Transcriptions

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

As we are gradually phasing ourselves out of the grip of COVID-19 and hopefully back to normality, but one thing won’t ever be the same again – the way the world does business! Online businesses are here to stay and growing every day. Here are a couple more useful ways V.As can help you build your online business…

Social media platforms

Marketing on Social Media has become essential to online business. Not everyone knows how to set themselves up though. Application forms need completing for listing platforms, advertising portals etc. V-Assist can do all aspects of Social Media marketing setup.

Transcribing conference calls minutes

Secretaries sitting taking shorthand for minutes at a boardroom table are a thing of the past, but minutes still need to be done. Simply send V-Assist the voice recording and we will do these for you, efficiently, accurately and promptly!

Time for change

These are just 2 more examples of how wide our range of services can extend to in times of real need! Our motto is ‘It’s about time’ and we know that this is a time for a change.

Watch this space for more useful ways V.As can help you build your online business …and contact us whenever you need us. Work at home and stay safe!

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