• Jutta Dudley

Useful ways V.As can help you build your Online Business - Research and Surveys

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

This is the third in the series on the many useful ways V.As can help you build your online business! It is essential in these times to create businesses that work effectively online so you can continue to grow. Here are two more things that a good Virtual Assistant can help you with…

Product Research

This is a great time to look at expanding your product offerings. Maybe you were dealing in cleaning chemicals and that can now be converted to sanitizing sprays? Researching new products is yet another of the many services that versatile V.As like V-Assist perform.

Market Surveys

Prior to launching that new product you need to know what is the demand for it and where? Who is your target audience - and what’s their opinion of what you’re offering? Once again you can leave it to V-Assist to do a great Market Survey.

Time for change

Our motto is ‘It’s about time.’ It‘s a time for change and time that you let us start saving the time you’re wasting on what you don’t need to do.

Watch this space for more useful ways V.As can help you build your online business …and contact us - we are there for you - so stay home and stay safe!

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