• Jutta Dudley

Useful ways V.As can help you Build your Online Business - Newsletters and Email Promos

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

This is the last article in our mini-series on the many useful ways VA’s can help you build your online business - which speaks about how VAs can assist with 2 important communications tools…

Newsletter designs and publications

Knowing how to compile the right content for a newsletter and getting it out to your existing and potential clients is a skill. It is not enough to just relate news about your business but to engage and excite clients with useful advice and promotions that will benefit them.

E-mail promotions

Effective e-mail promotion should be visually appealing, have strong headers and give good reasons for clients to use you and not your opposition. You can count on V-Assist to do a great job of creating, compiling and effectively distributing both these types of communications for you.

Change is inevitable

The changes brought out by COVID-19 will be far-reaching and permanent. Online business is here to stay and we, already well versed in the virtual world, can really help you to succeed in this space.

There are many useful ways V.As can help you build your online business …so contact us - we are there for you anytime for help and advice. Work from home and stay safe!

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