• Jutta Dudley

Virtual Assistants and the legal profession – Transcription tales

We are currently doing a mini-series on the services that we, as professional Virtual Assistants, offer the legal profession. We have had some exciting and daunting experiences while carrying out Legal Transcriptions and thought you might like to hear some transcription tales.

The good, the bad and the funny

Some transcriptions have involved high-level scandals concerning a parastatal. Ours was to handle everything with confidentiality, impartiality – and accuracy!

The saddest are always cases involving the rape of children, and one of the most tragic was a case of an 86 year old lady who was brutally raped and murdered only for a cell phone.

The funniest had to be a female trickster who conned ladies out of their money by pretending to be able to contact their deceased loved ones …not funny for those who lost their money though!

Accuracy and timing is key

Our motto at V-Assist is ‘It’s about time’ and time is of the essence with Legal Transcriptions, as is pinpoint accuracy. This can make or break a case!

If time saving and meticulous attention to detail is what your business needs, contact us today to find out about our legal - and many other services that we provide.

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