• Jutta Dudley

Virtual is better than venturing out! – Admin

Continuing with our series on virtual is better than venturing out, there has never been a more appropriate time to build your business online. Whatever your business, there are many areas where you can improve on your online operations and one of these is the day to day admin.

This generally consists of maintaining and updating a diary and setting and logging online meetings; preparing and issuing quotations or cost estimates (CEs); preparation and issuing of invoices – timeously; following up on outstanding payments; making payments to suppliers and employees (balancing books and tax compliance, will be covered in our next article in this series about online finances).

This is just the basic day to day admin, normally covered (amongst other things) by a Personal Assistant. In the virtual world, all these services are handled competently online with people who are well versed at operating in the virtual world – Virtual Assistants.

V – Assist – the ultimate V.A

‘It’s about time’ is our motto and saving you time and subsequently, money is our business. This is not by any means restricted to day to day admin however, so contact us to find out about our huge range of services and let us help you pivot your business online today.

Remember, Virtual is better than venturing out - so stay home and stay safe!

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