• Jutta Dudley

Virtual is better than venturing out! – Digital document management

Now that full lockdown has been announced, the quest to operate an online business effectively and efficiently has become essential to the future of your business. This mini-series is designed to show you how.

What is Digital document management?

Digital document management is how your organisation stores, manages and tracks its electronic documents. A Document Management System (DMS), is the utilisation of a computer system and software to do this - via electronic images of traditionally paper-based information - captured through the use of a document scanner. Documents can also securely be saved in the cloud and shared.

There are various systems available, but the management of all your documentation can also be undertaken as just one aspect of a comprehensive online business operations plan devised by your professional Virtual Assistant.

Ask your VA to Assist

Already well versed in operating online, V-Assist provides every service you can need to run a seamless, paperless online business. Remember in these times ‘Virtual is better than venturing out’, so engage with us to find out how we can ensure that when COVID-19 is all over your online business operations will be firing on all cylinders, giving you even greater opportunities than before!

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