• Jutta Dudley

Virtual is better than venturing out! – E-learning

Lockdown doesn’t need to be ‘shut down’ your business at all. At this time when virtual is better than venturing out, become more aware of, and start utilising online tools to build your business’ and your own skills. Instead of just giving up you could be giving yourself and your business a huge boost through e-learning and these are some options:

Career courses

There are literally thousands of courses for learning new careers available online. From Writers to Rocket Scientists, it’s all available.

Online education

Everything you need, from attending live classrooms to chatting with teachers and specialists, to marking and exams, is available online from various reliable and certified online schools.

Honing employee skills

Why not take advantage of this time for upskilling yourself and your staff? All manner of technical and business courses are available including motivation classes to help employees get through this difficult time.

Ask your VA to Assist

V-Assist is here to assist you with advice and arranging all manner of e-learning. Businesses, students and working Mums alike, we are here for you. ‘Virtual is better than venturing out’, so contact us to find out about our huge range of services and to help you build a better business online today.

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