• Jutta Dudley

Virtual is better than venturing out! – Online meetings

Thanks to COVID-19, working from home has become a better option for many businesses. As Virtual Assistants with several years’ experience of successfully working online and assisting businesses to do so, created this series, therefore, to help and advise others.

Online meetings

Online meetings are the first aspect of working online that needs to be considered. Communication is of vital importance in business.

We all know that ‘one-on-one’ conversations can be had in many ways, like via WhatsApp or Skype, but meetings that involve a few people may be your more immediate concern. This need not be the case, and those who feel daunted by having to set up webinars don’t need to.

Services like Zoom, Skype and Zoho are easy to sign up on and are offered as a free service to most participants.

Ask your VA to Assist

If you are in any doubt, one of the many services that V-Assist provide is the organisation and facilitation of any kind of online meeting. Remember in these times, ‘Virtual is better than venturing out’, so engage with us to find out about smoothly and successfully running your business – and your meetings - online.

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