• Jutta Dudley

Virtual is better than venturing out! – Online shopping tips

Lockdown is not just about building your business online, but also about being able to conduct your day to day living online to ensure your family’s safety. Here are three essential tips for online shopping:

Choose secure sights – Your credit card security could be at risk when going online. One way to choose safe sites to shop at is in the URL address. Non-secure sites and pages begin with http://, secure sites start with https://.

Be sure of returns policies – When shopping online, remember “too good to be true” probably is. Be sure that any online purchase comes with a ‘no quibble’ return policy!

Choose credit cards - It's advisable only to ­use credit cards, rather than debit cards, for online shopping. Credit cards represent an extension of credit, but debit cards (drawn directly from your bank account) are easier to hack.

Ask your VA to Assist

V-Assist is there for everyone in these trying times, not only businesses but working Mom’s and whoever may need our wide range of services. Remember ‘Virtual is better than venturing out’, so contact us to find out how we can ensure that when COVID-19 is all over, not only your online business operations but your whole family will have learned and benefitted from the experience.

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