• Jutta Dudley

What are the benefits of a newsletter to your business?

Sending out regular newsletters to your clients and potential customer database is something that many marketing people will suggest you do on a regular basis.

We recently wrote an article titled ‘Creating newsletters that work for you,’ which gave some useful tips on how a newsletter should be compiled, but why send them out in the first place? What are the benefits of a newsletter to your business?

Here are four things that newsletters do to promote your business…


The principles are the same as sending out Blogs or Vlogs – Essentially you need to be engaging with clients to remain uppermost in their minds. It is said that this needs to be at last every three months, but we would advocate that monthly is probably better – providing you have interesting enough content…


…which brings us to the next point ….the content of a newsletter should always be informative and presented in an entertaining way. If you do this then the benefit to your business is that you are giving your clients useful information, which they see as a gift. Remember the age-old adage those who give in turn receive? That’s the principle on which good business is built.


Whatever news is in the newsletter should be educating your clients about something going on in the industry and keeping them abreast of important developments. You become your customer’s ‘Go to’ guys if they need to know what’s going on …and that will benefit you.


The newsletter gives you the chance to tell your clients about new products or special offers that you have. Never make it look like a sales brochure though, or it will always be instantly deleted. Make it so that your customers will want to receive the newsletter so they don’t lose out!

Peace of mind

Now that you know how your business benefits by newsletters… let V-Assist work with you to compile it and ensure it is regularly and reliably distributed. Contact us to find out about our myriad of other services too and why all our clients experience total peace of mind!

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