• Jutta Dudley

What do Virtual Assistants actually do for Insurance agents?

We understand that Insurance agents are very busy people who work in a highly competitive industry. There are specific requirements for those who handle the admin for Insurance agents and certain knowledge they need to have. So what do Virtual Assistants actually do for Insurance agents?

Firstly let me assure you that any truly professional V.A service like V-Assist, which is credible and accredited, will never take on something at which they are not proficient and have someone with the right skills to handle the job. Here then, are a few examples of what we specifically do for Insurance agents:

Standard admin to handle your diary – If we have been commissioned to keep your diary - once the lead is generated we set up meetings and ensure you attend them

Client follow up – We ensure clients are followed up and kept in the loop regarding the process

Follow up on obtaining required docs - Documents like ID and FICA are procured from the client

Complete applications – Applications are completed with the client on your behalf and the Insurance supplier contacted

Insurance quote follow up with supplier – The quote is obtained and relayed to the client

Send completed docs – Documentation between all parties is checked and finalised

Ensure contracts are issued and sent - Finalised legal contracts are sent and accordingly filed for the Insurance agent.

Rest assured…

The cycle of a normal deal is complete and everything has been seamlessly, competently, and expertly handled. Now you know exactly what Virtual Assistants actually do for Insurance agents, but the proof of the pudding is always in the eating.

Contact us today and let us handle an initial transaction for you so you can rest assured we really are your best insurance of a better way to do your business!

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