• Jutta Dudley

What is Google Analytics and why you should understand it?

In the interest of always keeping our clients informed, we thought it would be useful for you to know “What is Google Analytics?” …and why you should understand it.

Google Analytics is a tool offered by Google to help you analyse your website traffic. The good news is it’s absolutely free and just a couple of things it helps with are:

Understanding which is the most effective marketing channels – If you are using more than one marketing campaign to attract customers, this will help you to know where best to focus your ad spend.

Learn site demographics and traffic – It helps you to know who’s visiting your website so you’ll know if your marketing is hitting the right target.

Get professional help

There’s a reason that over 50 million websites around the world use Google Analytics. If you now understand what Google Analytics is – and why you should understand it, but don’t have the time or expertise to set it up and monitor it yourself, let V-Assist do it for you.

Contact us to learn more - and about our many other services that give you peace of mind by saving you time and money.

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