• Jutta Dudley

What you wish you’d known when you started in business – Delegation

They say that those who have gone before can teach us much. Why re-invent the wheel when so many business people who have tried, failed and ultimately succeeded, have learned what it takes to stay in business?

This mini-series on “What you wish you’d known when you started in business” is for those just starting, or maybe those who need to turn their businesses around.

The art of delegation

One of the primary reasons for the demise of so many small businesses is that the sole proprietor takes it on him/herself to be everything and everyone in the business. Does it make sense for a great Events Co-ordinator dropping the ball because they are issuing invoices and paying suppliers in-stead of being ‘hands-on’ at the event?

Hand it over

Rule number one in business is to know your limitations and ensure you are working ON your business and not IN it. What you can not handle you need to employ someone else to do – and having done that – don’t micromanage - Delegate and hand it over!

…or outsource it

Better still, outsource to a great Virtual Assistant service like V-Assist to handle every aspect of your business that you can not. Contact us – delegate your unwanted tasks - and let us help you to build a business that simply can not fail!

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