• Jutta Dudley

What you wish you’d known when you started in business - Staffing

We are doing a mini-series this month on what you wish you’d known when you started in business. This episode is about deciding on and handling Staffing issues, …and they can be numerous…

Flexibility – or expertise?

The big question Entrepreneurs have to ask themselves is who are the employees that they need? It is helpful to the Entrepreneur to hire a ‘jack of all trades,’ because one can’t immediately afford specialists, but the difficulty is that if a job is to be adequately handled the employee needs to be appropriately qualified and trained.

Money for nothing

If they are to be a ‘jack of all trades’ can they handle it all? …and if they are specialists, is there enough work to keep them busy all the time?

…and your leave for free

Can the starting out Entrepreneur, or any small business for that matter afford, sick and maternity leave and holidays …not to mention bonuses at year-end?

There is a solution

An excellent solution for many SMEs is to outsource at least their admin, events, travel bookings etc. to multi-tasking services like V-Assist - pay them just for the work they do - and hire the specialists you need.

Contact us to find out how we become part of your business anyway – without the staffing headaches!

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