• Jutta Dudley

What you wish you’d known when you started in business – Time management

This is a mini-series aimed at those who are just starting in business to avoid common pitfalls – and also those whose businesses may have just gone off track.

Time Management is a broad subject, and many books have been written about it. We believe, however, that there are just three essential points that enable you to manage your time better.


Nothing will land you in hot water quicker than to ‘wing it.’ Everything from daily tasks like e-mails and phone calls, to meeting appointments, to the actual work to be done needs to be scheduled or diarised. Nothing should be removed from the diary until it has been completed or cancelled!


Write down what is most important first. What is making money? This should be a priority. Don’t be working on menial tasks when real work has to be done!


You also can’t do everything yourself. This is the biggest mistake Entrepreneurs make. Either hire the right people or better still, to save headaches and money, outsource your time management to experts in this field like V-Assist.

We are an expert Virtual assistant service offering a wide range of services to assist time management. Time is money, so contact us to ensure you never waste a moment!

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