• Jutta Dudley

Why dynamic female delegators use Virtual Assistants

During this Women’s month, V-Assist is highlighting some top Women Entrepreneurs who use Virtual Assistants - and find out why they do.

Two dynamic female delegators who use Virtual Assistants, as listed by the American financial site ‘Income,’ are:

Marlie Forleo

Labelled as one of the top 12 online marketing and lifestyle experts globally Marlie shows budding entrepreneurs how to be rich, from the inside out. She says the inability to delegate is one reason why small businesses stay small.

It is for this very reason she delegates many of her ‘overload;’ tasks to Virtual Assistants with the right skills.

Erica Douglass

Erica sold her first company for seven figures and shows others just how they too can have a successful life. She doesn’t delegate her blogging to a VA as this is her great strength, but she tells others how to delegate.

She herself delegates tasks like bookkeeping, video editing, transcription and research while she focusses on what makes her the great success she is.

Hand it over to the professionals

Both these Entrepreneurial women understand the value of outsourced assistance, allowing them to focus on what they do best. Not only dynamic female delegators use Virtual Assistants, but Men and Women in every sphere of business.

Contact us to efficiently handle whatever you delegate to us – and let us start setting you free to be the success you should be.

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