• Jutta Dudley

Why events co-ordinators should use Virtual Assistants

One of the clients that we best serve are Events Co-ordinators and this is one of my company V-Assist’s favourite areas of work, as we actually create and execute a number of our own events. These are mainly networking events, but they have given us great insight and expertise into the event co-ordination business.

There are many specific things we do for Events Co-ordinators, but that will be featured in our next article – what needs to precede that is why events co-ordinators should use Virtual Assistants. Here are just a few reasons…

We know your business

As aforementioned we, as a Virtual Assistant service, do quite often execute our own events so we fully understand the requirements of event co-ordinators. We know exactly what their mandates are and how best to help them in a constructive manner. We’ve worn the T-shirt, as the saying goes, so we know your business! With your expertise in this field and with our help, we’re quite unstoppable!

We have great contacts

The events business is very much about outsourcing suppliers. Artists, musicians, caterers, décor people, staging people etc. all these need to be sourced and booked and the great news is that we have an inexhaustible list of suppliers on our books. As major role players in BNI, the world’s largest networking organisation, sourcing reliable, vetted suppliers is second nature to us.

We could make you money

Following on from that….our network includes a myriad of businesses who themselves need the services of events co-ordinators for their conferencing, team building, awards ceremonies, year-end functions etc. There’s a good chance that, once we become a part of your business, we could be sourcing business for you too!

We are natural co-ordinators

The events industry is essentially about co-ordination. Everything has to work like clockwork and that is a speciality of V-Assist. Without our expertise in co-ordination, we could not survive. Co-ordinating diaries, paperwork, travel plans and of course events - are what we do every day.

Now you know why events co-ordinators should use Virtual Assistants, watch this space for our next article on exactly what it is we do for you. Contact us to find out about our full range of services and start to feel the peace of mind that all of our many loyal clients experience!

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