• Jutta Dudley

Why more business will outsource in 2021 – Cost savings

It is now well known that more and more businesses are outsourcing staff and services and not without reason. This mini-series takes a look at a few of the reasons more business will outsource in 2021 - with the first being cost savings.

Permanent employees are costly

Many businesses are outsourcing services to prevent hiring more staff on a permanent basis. This is not without foundation because, apart from the headaches that permanent staff can generate through incompetence and absence, there is a definite cost saving when hiring outsourced services.

Hiring costs, training, HR management, holiday and sick leave pay are all expenses that can be entirely avoided when hiring an outsourced service that remains an autonomous entity.

The costs of the technological and other equipment required by individual employees are often also saved because outsourced services utilise their equipment.

Virtual Assistants do it all

V-Assist is an excellent example of an outsourced service that can save you money for all the reasons above. With our vast range of services and an extensive network of fellow service providers, we are a ‘one-stop-shop’ for any business to find any competent outsourced service.

Contact us today to ensure you will be saving costs and headaches in 2021!

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