• Jutta Dudley

Why most Virtual Assistants are women

In this month of August, we celebrate Women’s day, and it is, in fact, a full month of recognising women and their great contribution to society as a whole.

What I personally would like to emphasise is the role of the woman in the workplace and in particular those amazing entrepreneurial women that choose to create their own businesses.

I have written articles about my own situation, and you may have read all about the Octopus Mom, yes the one with the eight arms and eyes in the back of her head! Well, many women face these challenges, and Virtual Assistants are no different.

With it being Women’s month though, I got to thinking why most Virtual Assistants are Women, and by the way, many highly successful women choose to use Virtual Assistants for that very reason …so what are these reasons?


Virtual assistants need to be multi-tasking, keeping many balls in the air at once. Imagine running the diaries, appointments, handling admin and general business operations for several clients at once – and that’s just the basic stuff. Women are multitasking by nature and find this much easier to do.


Virtual Assistants need to be versatile, capable of handling admin, product management, events, travel arrangements – and any number of personal chores too. Women are also by nature highly versatile – they need to be, to be capable of being Moms, wives and business professionals all at once!


Women understand the importance of considering feelings and emotions as a vital part of negotiations and building relationships with clients. This ‘nurturing’ attitude has stood many a P.A in good stead – and V.As are in effect outsourced PAs – just so much more!


To be able to keep many balls in the air, as all women need to do, it takes efficiency. Systems and adherence to time schedules are paramount. Women tend to have these skills naturally, and it makes them great V.As.

Proud to be women

I am proud of the fact that V-Assist is a woman’s business run by women, and although we help many businessmen, I totally identify with and love to help entrepreneurial women too. Contact us to find out first hand why most Virtual Assistants are Women …and proud of it!

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