• Jutta Dudley

Women who empower themselves – The professionals

During this National women’s month, we have been speaking of women who empower themselves in business and the businesses in which they prominently feature. This article talks about professional women, specifically those in the Legal and Medical professions, and how Virtual Assistants help them.


Did you know that both Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton hold law degrees? Many women in law have also championed women’s rights in a significant way. Virtual Assistants assist Attorneys with, among other things, transcriptions of recordings made in court. These need to be meticulously executed as one error could swing the result of a proceeding!

The Medical Profession

Medicine is a profession where women dominate in areas like Physiotherapy and Nursing. After all, there is no more famous medical figure historically than Florence Nightingale! V.As assist with administration, liaison with medical aids and patients, and many more services to this noble profession.

Women in business

In this country, many women are Entrepreneurs who juggle owning a business with being wives and especially Mothers. We at V-Assist are proud to be a women-owned business, assisting women to effectively run their businesses, whilst leaving the headaches and hassles of handling the day to day chores to us. Contact us to see how we can help you.

Be positive – be proud to be women - and be safe!

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