• Jutta Dudley

Women Who Empower Themselves - Travel and Tourism

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

We pay homage this month to all the amazing women who, despite the pandemic, have continued to keep their businesses afloat. One of the industries in which women excel and hold prominent positions in is Travel and Tourism, and many women are the business owners of independent Travel agencies and Tour Operators.

Bearing the brunt of the pandemic

This industry has suffered greatly under the grip of the pandemic, and it has taken incredible strength, resilience, and adaptability for small independent operators to survive.

Some have astutely realised that they need to run leaner and instead of employing staff, they outsource the services of Virtual Assistants - another prominently female populated business. With VAs, you only pay for the specific service that they provide.

V.As with a travel pedigree

With a background in Travel and Tourism V-Assist know this industry particularly well, and we still offer the public and business professionals all the services that Travel and Tourism professionals do.

We also assist the Travel professionals themselves and with our experience can offer them every possible service they will need –contact us to learn more.

We congratulate the women in this industry for being the great survivors that they are. Stay positive, and stay safe!

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