• Jutta Dudley

Women Who Empower Themselves – Virtual Assistants

At International Women’s Day in March, the theme was around creating gender equality on a global basis. What was emphasised was that women need to do this by empowering themselves.

As we celebrated National Women’s month this month (and National Women’s Day on the 9th) in S.A, our women face many hardships. Abuse is rampant, and tragically 2/3rds of the recent job losses from the pandemic were women.

Many of these are women who are vital financial contributors, or even the sole breadwinners in their homes. More than ever, women need to become educated, skilled Entrepreneurs. This month, we will be honouring women by focussing on some of the businesses in which women feature.

Virtual Assistants

We at V-Assist are proud to be leaders in the field of one such business – Virtual Assistants. With the plight of women very much in mind, we have created services for working Mums, Entrepreneurs, and professional women alike.

Just one of the many advantages to clients is that they pay only for the services we provide and save money and the headaches of managing full-time employees. Contact us to find out what we can do for you.

Women everywhere - It’s time to empower yourselves, and we are here to help you do it!

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